“We inherited unmaintainable legacy code and the Twist Resources team dove straight in and helped us transition seamlessly to a new and vastly superior system.”

Patrick Shallvey, RPData

“Marketing continually republishes offers and deploys without any technical support. In the online world, ToolTwist is our competitive edge.”

Scott Darrow, Vice President of Informations Technology/PCMall

“Using ToolTwist we effectively doubled the value of our limited development capital. They absolutely get the challenges of startups.”

James Baird, CEO and founder of Pundit Connect

“The folks at ToolTwist are adaptable, inventive, predictable.. great to work with.”

Nigel Wing, Project Manager of Health RFID

“ToolTwist are a great cost effective partner to work with. They are easy to communicate with and are subject matter experts in anything we require.”

Aju Mathew, Product Owner, Phoenix

“ToolTwist Cloudmall has been revolutionary for our business' website and associated services. No only in terms of flexibility and deliverability, but unsurpassed customer service and project transparency. No fuss, great communication, highly recommended.

Ricki Harrison, Operations Manager at NutraOrganics

“Twist Resources gets us. They listen and they respond with solutions and resources that meet ‘our’ needs rather than a canned approach, often improving on our original ideas with their own.”

Patrick Shallvey, RPData

“We genuinely consider ToolTwist as partners in our business. It’s a real challenge to find overseas IT services/development companies that are genuinely value for money. ToolTwist is one of those rare breeds and a great team to work with.”

Michael McKeand, Executive Director & Shareholder at Sky Software/Tribal

“Our world is complex and competitive. We needed a high performance sophisticated platform... ToolTwist was and is our edge.”

Scott Darrow, Vice President of Informations Technology/PCMall

“Quality control is foremost on our mind. Twist Resources understands professional software development. Each release is sound and well tested and lifts the bar.”

Patrick Shallvey, RPData

“With much credit due to ToolTwist, we are seen as one of the best performing divisions in the group.”

Scott Darrow, Vice President of Informations Technology/PCMall