Together with Tooltwist, various solutions and services were developed that are catered for Home Buyers and Sellers, Property Investors, Renovators, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Valuers, Wealth Managers and Property Developers. These helps individuals and businesses make more informed decisions, communicate more effectively and get better results.


  • Investor Scores.
  • Integrated Mapping (provides easy references on housing prices).
  • CMA Reporting (sharper reporting options help you make the best impression with your customers).
  • Performance expandability.
  • Highly Maintainable.

Property Value

Unparalleled insight into Australian property. Access the same insights used by real estate agents and big 4 banks.

View Site helps you make smarter, more confident property decisions when buying or selling. With access to a range of property information and valuation services, you’ll be able to make more informed choices.

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EVR - Desktop Valuation Solutions

Australia's leading desktop valuation report. When it comes to evaluating property, you can count on CoreLogic RP Data's EVR to provide accurate results. Designed with input from leading Australian lenders and valuation firms, EVR is a desktop valuation solution without peer in Australia.

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Property Management - Portfolio Software Solutions

Managing multiple properties is both time consuming and complex. CoreLogic RP Data offers a range of services to help you streamline and organise your entire portfolio, maximising efficiency and productivity.

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Strata Management - More Flexibility for Growth

CoreLogic RP Data has a long history of providing market-leading software for strata managers. It puts you in control - giving you the flexibility to start small, and grow over time.

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Property Services for the Australian housing market

When it comes to residential property, CoreLogic RP Data offers a whole range of services, which can help you have more informed conversations, target the right customers more effectively, get more deals, and close more sales.

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RPNZ - Real property intelligence.

RPNZ is the smart, fast and easy to use property information tool that is used by property professionals throughout New Zealand. With extensive property information delivering you insight and intelligence, RPNZ helps you win more business.

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