We Build

Twist Resources provides Agile development teams to build your application,  or to augment the efforts of your existing team.

Based in the Philippines, and backed by the 30 years of international software development experience in each of our founders, Twist Resources offers unprecedented value for money.

See the Case Studies section or our news feed for examples of our award winning work, using the latest as well as time-tested technologies.

You Build

We're not quite the Ikea of software development, but we do have many of the parts you'll need to put together your next application.

Why build off-the-shelf functionality when it's available through RESTful APIs and framework Components?

ToolTwist microservices give you instant functionality on the first day. 

Time is too short to write code that's been written a hundred times before.

We'll help you finish in half the time.

Keep it Running

Operations, deployment and 24x7 support is an expensive business. We give you the cost savings that give you the options.

Building an application is just the start - a successful business or software will be used for many years.

Tooltwist can provide support and monitor your mission critical systems 24x7, and our sister company Technology Elite provides staff augmentation services.

Highly qualified desktop and network support teams are also available.

Ready to get Started?

If you'd like to try our microservices,  five minutes will give you a fully functional website, with eCommerce, social media, managed content, and login using Facebook, Google and Github. This is  production quality software,  running on your machine and ready for you to customise.

$ npm install yarn vue-cli
$ vue-cli vuecat my-website

$ cd my-website
$ yarn install

$ npm run dev

-- your browser will open at http://localhost:8080.

If you wish, you can also deploy this site in a further five minutes, using an Amazon S3 bucket and Cloudfront, following the instructions here.

This is a 100% free eCommerce site, until you reach load limits as described here.

(Most websites never reach these limits)

Details of the generated website, which uses VuePugSass and Webpack,  and the generated server scafolding in NodeJS and Restify can be found here.

AWS Explorer

AWS Explorer is a free visualisation tool for Amazon AWS administrators and dev teams. At ToolTwist we host a huge number of applications on AWS, so we developed AWS Explorer to help keep track of the resources in use, to ensure our configurations are secure, and to allow production quality environments to be provisioned quickly.

Free and open source, we think you'll love how much time it will save you. If you are already using AWS CLI, installation takes less than a minute.

$ npm install aws-explorer
$ aws-explorer --web


ToolTwist is proud to be a platinum sponsor of VueJS and the magnificent efforts of Evan You and the VueJS community.

VueJS has first-class support from all the ToolTwist microservices, and along with React and React Native is a preferred front-end technology for Twist Resources.